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Choose the right fake tan products

Which fake tan

It’s so easy to stay golden brown all year round with fake tan and with the worries about skin damage from using sun beds and from too much exposure to sun, fake tan is the ideal way to achieve a summer glow without the health risks. Women love fake tan because not only does it give a lovely colour, but it also makes you appear slimmer and feel better about yourself.

Deciding that you want to use fake tan is simple but it’s choosing the right type of fake tan that can be the difficult part with creams, gels, sprays and mousses, each one has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to self tanning.

Here is an explanation of each type of fake tanning product and key things to remember when choosing which one best suits what you’re looking for.

Self tanning cream
~ The original and most popular type of fake tan
~ A consistency that makes it easy to apply
~ The majority contain a moisturising element
~ Has an odd smell that is often described as “biscuity”
~ Can take a while to dry so best applied at night
~ Streaking is a possibility, especially with beginners

Self Tan Gel
~ The wet look means you know where it’s been applied
~ Best to prevent missing patches and streaking
~ Has a flattering glistening finish
~ Can take a long time to dry so best applied at night
~ Some gels leave an oily residue on the skin

Spray Tan
~ Gives a lighter tan than other types of fake tan
~ Dry very fast so ideal for applying in the daytime
~ Less prone to streaking and patching
~ Can be difficult to apply for beginners
~You must be careful with the spray direction

Tanning Mousse
~ Very easy to apply with its thick consistency
~ Gives a good all-over coverage
~ Dries very quickly so can be used any time of the day
~ Beginners may struggle to work out where they’ve applied it

Moisturiser with tan
~ Tans and moisturises at the same time
~ Some dry quickly while others leave a tacky finish
~ Ideal to gradually build up a natural tan
~ Have a light finish that may not suit everyone
~ Some can have the odd “biscuity” smell

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