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Children’s parties cost up to £5,000!

Childrens parties cost up to £5,000

How much have you spent on your kids parties over the years? Reports are claiming that parents could be spending up to £4,858.56 on their child’s birthday parties by the time they reach 18.  Wow, I don’t remember that happening to me when I was younger.  Kids are lucky these days!

And the spending looks like it’s for all the wrong reasons – parents admitting to feeling incredibly stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of everything they have to organise and worrying about impressing other children’s parents with their party arrangements.

It would seem that there is real pressure for parents to put on a great event for their children every single year, and the older the children get the more elaborate the occasion becomes. It would also seem that these days, children are no longer content with simply having a few of their best friend’s home for a party tea after school – no wonder parents are becoming more competitive than ever before.

Now we all know that birthday parties are incredibly important for both parents and children, as they mark a very special occasion and give people the opportunity to share the day with friends and family but surely that’s about showing love not ‘keeping up with the Jones’’?

Back in the day I remember having friends around for a very special tea for my birthday and yes, I remember the traditional blowing out of the candles on the cake, party bags and games (I was particularly good at pass the parcel) – so why isn’t that good enough today?  I don’t believe that I have been traumatised as a result of not having massive fancy parties but I do remember feeling loved by my parents who were an average middle class, middle income couple.

As an auntie, I have enjoyed some really good days out as a guest attending a number of my nieces’ birthday parties which have included days out at adventure playgrounds, discos and gymnastic sessions. Talking to the kids, it is obvious though that there is a very high desire to have the best birthday party that impresses everyone enough to talk about it for the rest of the year.  I find that quite sad.  As a group of nine year olds, developing such a competitive streak for materialistic things isn’t necessarily attractive – but that seems to be how kids grow up today, costing their parents a fortune.

Have you got some happy memories from your own birthday parties that you would like to share?  Are you one of these parents who breaks the bank to make sure that your child has the best birthday party in the street?


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