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Dads still reluctant to take up flexible working!


Only 20% of working mums’ partners work flexibly despite the fact that legislation on flexible working applies equally to them.

Being bullied at work?


You shouldn’t have to put up with bullying at work but what is bullying and how do you know if you are being bullied?

Are you a self employed successful mother?


Research reports almost half of mothers returning to work part-time after having children are forced to take lower-skilled jobs. With this year’s Budget to include tax breaks of up to £900 a year for parents who set up their own business, perhaps now is the time for new mothers to make that change?

Does your body language do it for you…?!?


Just how important is your body language when it comes to portraying the right image?

Confidante Coworkers


Do you believe that millions of workers are more likely to confide in their work mates than their other half? Is that the case for you?

Want to run your own business?


Starting a business can seem expensive, but can be done on next to nothing.

BusinessMums are going to Brighton


The BusinessMums Summit takes place in Brighton at The Thistle Hotel on 10th October 2011.

Women in business


Women can be successful in male dominated trades. Read this case study of two women who took a chance and have never looked back…

Job Interviews – are you prepared?


How to make the most out of every job interview – advice, tips and techniques.

Barren Britain


An international study has found that women in Britain are among the most likely in the world to end up without children. Are you one of those women?