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Women in business


Women can be successful in male dominated trades. Read this case study of two women who took a chance and have never looked back…

Back to school – are you ready?


It’s really hard to get back into the routine of ‘children at school’ after the long summer break. Make the transition as easy as possible by preparing early…

Redundancy and the real woman


Loss of confidence, loss of self belief, a sense of panic and complete loneliness – are just some of the emotions experienced when faced with redundancy. How would you cope…

Job Interviews – are you prepared?


How to make the most out of every job interview – advice, tips and techniques.

Barren Britain


An international study has found that women in Britain are among the most likely in the world to end up without children. Are you one of those women?

Katie Price – role model?


Who do you think are the best role models for our kids these days?

How to make money from home


Read these five important steps you must get right to have success fast…

When do you actually switch off from work?


It is said that the average person working in Britain finally switches off from work at 7.59pm. Is that true in your household?

Money Worries?


In this day and age, we all have them and they manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Real Women Today take a look at plans you could make incase the worst case scenario happens to you and your family.

Is your WiFi making you ill?


In the world we live in, there is no escaping technology. We use it at work, at home and on our days off. Could this be affecting our health? Real Women Today friend, Michael Cohen explains more…