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Victimisation or harassment in the workplace?


Did you know that it’s reported that almost one in ten women have been sexually harassed in the workplace and even more felt victimised by male bosses?

That green eyed monster…


Have you been or are you jealous of a work colleague, relative or friend for something that they have achieved or something they have?

Why is menopause taboo at work?


78% of women say menopause symptoms affect them at work and 93% say they can’t discuss their symptoms with their boss, author Barbara Frodsham gives her top tips to dealing with symptoms at work…

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – are they legal?


Have you ever thought that you needed a pre-nup?

Read on for some sensible legal advice, pre-nups are not as legal as you may think!

Pensions, working parents and training affected by new legislation


New legislation came into effect on the 6th April, impacting pensions, working parents and training which could affect you.

Boobs in Business?


Should women play the ‘boobs in business’ game?

Here’s some interesting advice from Debbie Connolly as to why sometimes, the boobs do the talking!