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Mums beat friends in shopping buddy stakes


Researchers say that women prefer taking their mother on a shopping spree than a friend because she will be brutally honest – is that true for you?

Has the fashion design world finally gone mad?


Do they honestly think that stick thin model, Martyna Budna represents the real women out on the streets?

Debenhams targets ‘Forgotten Women’ with ground breaking campaign


Debenhams have broke yet another fashion industry taboo and became the first retailer to launch a campaign featuring models in their 40s, 50s and 60s to target ‘forgotten women’.

Do you have any retail regrets?


Brits will waste more than £49,000 in their lifetime on retail purchases they later regret – Real Women Today would like your best retail shopping advice for those of us who have retail regrets…

Retail Therapy Excuses


‘It was in the sale’ and ‘I needed cheering up’ have been revealed as the top excuses women use to justify their shopping sprees.

What excuses do you use the most?

All that glitters…


It’s fair to say that I am a girl who loves her bling – be it real, fake or somewhere in between. If it’s shiny or eye-catching, I’ll be all over it.

Jewellery can make or break an outfit – so don’t be caught out.

Here are Real Women Today’s five top tips on how to ensure you get both the look and the balance right…

Spring and Summer trends 2010


Fashion tips for the larger ladies…
Ok so you are not a size 10. That doesn’t mean that you have to resort to baggy tops and flowing skirts.
Our very own fashion advisor Helen Reid gives Real Women Today a few tips to help us on our way…




So why do I feel so down?

What could possibly be THAT bad???

I’ll tell you what…