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My husband is not sexual


Are you in a relationship with a man who is not sexual? You are not alone!

Seven tips for talking openly about sex with your partner


How many times have you wanted to talk about something sex-related with your spouse but just could not seem to ever get it out?

How would you introduce sex toys into a relationship?


How should a partner approach the sex toy issue if they were looking to introduce something without scaring you off?

How to talk dirty to men


Do you feel relaxed talking dirty to men? Has your boyfriend asked you to talk dirty to him?

Premature orgasms…


Contrary to belief it’s not just a male problem! Women can suffer from premature orgasms as well you know…

Hands off my Man!


Have things become a little samey in the bedroom? Are you worried that your man might stray? Read our relationship advice to help keep your man satisfied and by your side…

How to join the mile high club!


Joining the Mile High Club has got to be up there with most people’s wildest fantasies. Even if you’re too shy, timid or scared to even contemplate it, sex on an airplane definitely has an appeal to it.

You want sex?


Some women would tell you that sex gets easier the older you get. You know exactly what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it. But it isn’t like that for everyone…

Ten mistakes women make when having sex with a man


Ten mistakes women make when they are having sex with men – and what to do about them.

Signs he is cheating


What are the signs he is cheating on you? They might not be easy to detect at first, but they can be subtlety noticed!