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Do men really love the other woman, or do they just think they do?


My friends say that men just think they love the mistress because the sex is good. Are men just infatuated with the other woman? Or can it really be love?”

How to spend Valentine’s Day alone – and enjoy it


Valentine’s Day is the day of love, romance and passion – which is great if you’re a couple. But don’t despair – singletons can have fun too!….

The only way is ethics . . . scruples can make a man sexier


With the nation gearing up for some serious romance this Valentine’s Day, men might be heartened to learn that looking like David Beckham or George Clooney can be less important than their ethics when it comes to impressing women.

Top Tips for a Magical Valentine’s Day


Is there a special someone in your life? Whether you think of Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to be romantic, or as a way for gift retailers to make money, the need to acknowledge this loving occasion could not be more apparent.

The Art of Swinging


Often a taboo subject in open conversation and certainly not one you would have with your parents, but we all know that it will have been a subject of discussion on ‘girlie nights’ when the wine has been flowing for a while. So, what exactly is the art of swinging?

Separated, unmarried couple? What about the house?


What happens to your house when you and your partner decide to separate – is it split 50/50?

Unhappy relationship – things you can do


Feeling that you are stuck in an unhappy relationship can take a great toll on a person. And the truth is that many couples experience this situation every day and don’t know what to do about it.

Watch out for these signs of cheating spouses


If you think your spouse is being unfaithful, there are certain signs of cheating that will usually rear their heads during the time of the affair. If you are able to recognize these signs, you may be able to use them to your advantage.

Women hate the term ‘housewife’


Women hate the term ‘housewife’ and instead think that housework and household chores should be shared between family members equally, a study has revealed…

Men duck DIY duties


Working long hours is one of the excuses men give when asked about DIY duties around the home. Fair point ladies, or just an excuse?