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How do I divorce you ? – Let me count the ways


According to a new survey by divorce lawyers Grant Thornton, ‘falling out of love’ has overtaken infidelity as the primary reason couples are citing for divorce in the UK for the first time.

When the honeymoon is over….


When did you first notice that the honeymoon period in your relationship or marriage was over?

Seven common methods people will use to spy on their spouse


Most husbands and wives will snoop on each other during their relationship. These are the most common forms of marital snooping.

Famous and unfaithful – they’re not the only ones


When the latest story hit our headlines about yet another adulterous famous person like the majority of the country I just rolled my eyes. So what?

Signs he is cheating


What are the signs he is cheating on you? They might not be easy to detect at first, but they can be subtlety noticed!

The most common reasons for infidelity in marriage


When two people in love exchange vows and enter into marriage they never expect one or both parties will fall into an affair. There are several reasons why infidelity in marriage happens, and both parties can be left heart-broken.

Can a marriage be saved when only one spouse is trying?


Things haven’t be right between you for a while. You want your marriage to last but you’re not too sure about your spouse. Could it be that your marriage is really over?

Fantasies…sex aid or unfaithful?


If you have fantasies about other men, does it mean that you don’t love your partner?

Does divorce have to be horrible?


When banker Christian Vlad and his wife Sandra got divorced recently, they made just about every mistake in the book. Anyone thinking about divorce would be wise to learn from the error of their ways and try to find a more amicable solution…

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – are they legal?


Have you ever thought that you needed a pre-nup?

Read on for some sensible legal advice, pre-nups are not as legal as you may think!