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Are men more likely than women to forgive an affair?


Men and women differ greatly when it comes to forgiving a cheating spouse.

When blokes are ‘too nice’!


Researchers have found that two thirds of women become suspicious if their partner suddenly has ‘new tricks’ in the bedroom, makes grand romantic gestures or if he makes them breakfast in bed.

Do men really love the other woman, or do they just think they do?


My friends say that men just think they love the mistress because the sex is good. Are men just infatuated with the other woman? Or can it really be love?”

Watch out for these signs of cheating spouses


If you think your spouse is being unfaithful, there are certain signs of cheating that will usually rear their heads during the time of the affair. If you are able to recognize these signs, you may be able to use them to your advantage.

Seven common methods people will use to spy on their spouse


Most husbands and wives will snoop on each other during their relationship. These are the most common forms of marital snooping.

Famous and unfaithful – they’re not the only ones


When the latest story hit our headlines about yet another adulterous famous person like the majority of the country I just rolled my eyes. So what?

Signs he is cheating


What are the signs he is cheating on you? They might not be easy to detect at first, but they can be subtlety noticed!

The most common reasons for infidelity in marriage


When two people in love exchange vows and enter into marriage they never expect one or both parties will fall into an affair. There are several reasons why infidelity in marriage happens, and both parties can be left heart-broken.

Fantasies…sex aid or unfaithful?


If you have fantasies about other men, does it mean that you don’t love your partner?

Lovers – a luxury or a necessity?


Could taking a lover help your personal relationships or end them completely?

Read about a real women experience and add your own relationship advice ‘tit bits’.