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Tackling Domestic Violence


Dealing with domestic violence can be vexing despite more understanding of this problem. It remains challenging to tackle it all the more as our knowledge is still growing in this area.

Save money on food bills


With the average family throwing away approximately £50 worth of food per month, it is vital that we all get to grips with our food bills. Here’s how…

Are you a domestic goddess?


Traditional household skills – like making pastry and sewing buttons are dying out – because modern mums are too busy to learn them.

Domestic violence victims could lose eligibility to legal aid


New research conducted by Rights of Women and Welsh Women’s Aid has shown that at least 46% of domestic violence victims will not be eligible for legal aid because of the dangerously restrictive forms of evidence that they will be required to produce.

Have people changed?


Or am I beginning to wake up to the real world?

Female Fascination For Cleaning?


Did you know that more than a third of women have admitted that they secretly like cleaning?

Making time for yourself with a new child


Tips for how make time for yourself and to keep your stress level down when you have a new child.

Retirees forego relaxation to provide homecare


An ageing population means that thirty per cent of UK adults are now part of four generation families fueling a rapidly growing ‘sandwich generation’ – the name given to them because they are caught between younger and older family members…

Women hate the term ‘housewife’


Women hate the term ‘housewife’ and instead think that housework and household chores should be shared between family members equally, a study has revealed…

Life begins at sixty


The pressure is off, no longer do I need to prove myself, I don’t have to impress anyone ever again, in fact I’m having fun impressing myself…