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Table manners in decline


With the amount of family get togethers that must have happened over the last couple of weeks, the Real Women Today team had wondered if you’d noticed that table manners have gone out the window?

Are two girls easier to raise?


If you’re planning on starting a family you might want to read this first!

Shh silence please, Mummy is driving


Children play up in the car because they are bored. What can you do to prevent this and to ensure you arrive at your destination in one piece?
Jackie Violet shares her solutions…

Family Feud?


There are nearly 20 million people in Britain who are not speaking to members of their family after bitter bust ups!

Are you one of them?

Pink Parenting


Government figures show that across the UK, adoptions by same sex couples have recently risen by a third, from 90 to 120.

All I want for Christmas…


Audrey Ellis reminisces about what made Christmas so special for her as a child and explores whether the families of today may have lost their way a little when it comes to the true spirit of Christmas.

Toys in Cars?


With Christmas around the corner, inevitably there will be journeys to various relatives or even a Christmas get-a-way with the car. The question is, should you allow toys in the car for the children? Motoring Correspondent, Jackie Violet provides some advice…

Dealing with Death


‘No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow’


Are you a grandparent?


There is much assumed about what rights grandparents have to contact with their grandchildren, but did you know that none of them are formal?

This article will give you some interesting family advice on your contact rights as a grandparent.

Domestic Violence


Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Do you feel like you are you suffering alone?

The first thing to remember is that you are NOT alone.