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What is your car called?


Hot off the press is the fact that over a quarter of UK motorists has a pet name for their beloved cars. So, what’s yours called?

Mirror, mascara, manoeuvre…


Oh No! More than three and half million female drivers could be putting themselves and other road users at risk by using their morning drive to apply make-up and do other routine tasks, a new poll has revealed.

Battle of the Sexes!


Real Women Today ask who fares better on the forecourt when buying a new car…

Ladies, shall we lighten up a bit?


Lets be honest, how many ladies do not have their headlights on whist driving on the motorways when it is raining – or, for that matter, on any other roads when it is raining? Shame on you ladies – what happened to the sound old advice – ‘see and be seen’…

Please ladies, get dressed before you drive!


Do you get dressed before you get behind the wheel of your car?

Can one have too many accessories?


New research reveals the average UK motorist spends nearly £100 personalising their car with accessories such as seat covers, soft toys and window stickers, and for some drivers the desire to decorate their car could be putting them at risk of having a crash.

Sat Nav Scare!


The Government’s much-needed first ‘Satnav’ summit to tighten up the accuracy of electronic road mapping, threatens to collide with new local authority powers to designate roads as they see fit… Oops!

Driven to distraction


Well that is it! Easter over and children back to school. The only downside to the latter is the return of the school run and the perils that go with it.

Yearly or Biennial for MOT Testing?


In these winter months, the chances of breaking down increase considerably. It is not just the weather but basic maintenance of cars in general that all contribute to the fourth emergency being called out to rescue us damsels in distress.

Shame I can’t afford to run my new motor!


With rising fuel costs and insurance premiums, how long will it be before you can’t afford to run your car?