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Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards 4th March 2011 London


The Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards proved to be a parade of some of the UK’s beloved TV faces as well as a ceremony recognising the amazing work done by animal rescue centres and the working dogs that protect the people and ports of this country.

Dog foster carers still needed to help families flee Domestic Violence


Domestic violence (DV) affects one in four women at some time in their life and research shows there are definite links between the abuse of adults, children and animals.

Often a pet is the only source of affection for a victim of DV, yet refuges and temporary accommodation facilities frequently cannot allow pets.

Read on to see how you could help…

Interested in volunteering?


Volunteers come from all walks of life. They are as much in demand now as they have ever been.

If you can spare 3 hours or more a week, give it a go – after all what have you got to loose?