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Five empowering steps for women…


to grow a great financial mindset

Money saving tips for planning your holiday


At a time when every penny counts, Real Women Today provide five top tips to help you save money on your holiday.

What every girl should know about credit


Been splashing the cash or saving every penny? Ironically, both could have a negative effect on your credit rating, which in turn will affect how easy it is for you apply for credit. Understand how it works by reading our credit advice…

Money Worries?


In this day and age, we all have them and they manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Real Women Today take a look at plans you could make incase the worst case scenario happens to you and your family.

Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards 4th March 2011 London


The Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards proved to be a parade of some of the UK’s beloved TV faces as well as a ceremony recognising the amazing work done by animal rescue centres and the working dogs that protect the people and ports of this country.

Are you a MAUD?


Has the current economy turned you into a MAUD? – A Mum Actively Using Discounts.

How are you saving cash these days?

Dog foster carers still needed to help families flee Domestic Violence


Domestic violence (DV) affects one in four women at some time in their life and research shows there are definite links between the abuse of adults, children and animals.

Often a pet is the only source of affection for a victim of DV, yet refuges and temporary accommodation facilities frequently cannot allow pets.

Read on to see how you could help…

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – are they legal?


Have you ever thought that you needed a pre-nup?

Read on for some sensible legal advice, pre-nups are not as legal as you may think!

Pensions, working parents and training affected by new legislation


New legislation came into effect on the 6th April, impacting pensions, working parents and training which could affect you.

Joint Finances?


Relationship starting to get serious?

Check out why Real Women Today recommend Joint Bank Accounts and why honesty IS the best policy!