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Life begins at sixty


The pressure is off, no longer do I need to prove myself, I don’t have to impress anyone ever again, in fact I’m having fun impressing myself…

Face flirting


I love face flirting! I am not sure if this is the correct technical term for it, it may have been christened by another title elsewhere, but this is the title that I have christening it and I’m sticking with it!…

The psychological benefits of having a pet


Animals are widely known for their mental healing abilities, especially relieving stress. Wetnose Animal Aid (non-profit organisation) talks about the different benefits pets give us psychologically and why it is important to give them support in return.

Men would chose a new partner over their pet


A new survey looking at the relationships of pet owners has found that men can behave towards pets like they behave towards women, committing emotionally much more quickly than women do, but more likely to trade them in favour of a new model.

Planning musical magic in the West End this Summer Holiday


Britain doesn’t have the strongest track record for correctly predicting the summer weather, so why leave your family day out to the mercy of the elements? A far more trusted (and exciting) way to treat the kids this holiday is to take them to see a breath-taking West End musical; bright lights, magical storylines, larger [...]

What’s your talent?


Singing, dancing, performing magic or playing the drums. Whatever it is we want to hear all about it.

Worcestershire top county for pampered pooches


If you ever fancy a long weekend break in some of the finest countryside and want to take your dog along with you, look no further than Worcestershire – one of the top dog friendly counties in the UK.

Mums beat friends in shopping buddy stakes


Researchers say that women prefer taking their mother on a shopping spree than a friend because she will be brutally honest – is that true for you?

Mastering the psychic gift – how to help not hinder


Every thought you had that inner sense? Real Women ask Dr Lisa Turner for psychic advice…

Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards 4th March 2011 London


The Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards proved to be a parade of some of the UK’s beloved TV faces as well as a ceremony recognising the amazing work done by animal rescue centres and the working dogs that protect the people and ports of this country.