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Modern TV – ‘must see’ or just rubbish?


A popular subject of discussion in the Real Women Today office recently has been whether or not modern TV is just drivel?

Women in their 50’s are told that two drinks a day can fight off illness


Ladies in their 50’s who regularly have a little wine with their dinner are more likely to be free of the ills of old age, from cancer to heart disease, than those who are teetotal or drink to excess

Party-time passion


Have you ever had a one night stand at a house party? Apparently one in three of us have!

Life begins at sixty


The pressure is off, no longer do I need to prove myself, I don’t have to impress anyone ever again, in fact I’m having fun impressing myself…

Face flirting


I love face flirting! I am not sure if this is the correct technical term for it, it may have been christened by another title elsewhere, but this is the title that I have christening it and I’m sticking with it!…

Planning musical magic in the West End this Summer Holiday


Britain doesn’t have the strongest track record for correctly predicting the summer weather, so why leave your family day out to the mercy of the elements? A far more trusted (and exciting) way to treat the kids this holiday is to take them to see a breath-taking West End musical; bright lights, magical storylines, larger [...]

What’s your talent?


Singing, dancing, performing magic or playing the drums. Whatever it is we want to hear all about it.

Mums beat friends in shopping buddy stakes


Researchers say that women prefer taking their mother on a shopping spree than a friend because she will be brutally honest – is that true for you?

Mastering the psychic gift – how to help not hinder


Every thought you had that inner sense? Real Women ask Dr Lisa Turner for psychic advice…

Thought for the day….


Girl Power Ladies!


‘One woman can change anything, many women can change EVERYTHING’

- so where shall we start?