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Owning a dog can make you more attractive!


Having a dog could increase your chances of finding a love match, according to research conducted by Dogs Trust.

Five empowering steps for women…


to grow a great financial mindset

Coping with loss when you’re getting divorced


Grief isn’t an emotion that people talk about when they go through a divorce, but it can affect you.

Retirees forego relaxation to provide homecare


An ageing population means that thirty per cent of UK adults are now part of four generation families fueling a rapidly growing ‘sandwich generation’ – the name given to them because they are caught between younger and older family members…

How my pets keep me single…


Read about their plans to keep me at home all to themselves…

Modern TV – ‘must see’ or just rubbish?


A popular subject of discussion in the Real Women Today office recently has been whether or not modern TV is just drivel?

Women in their 50’s are told that two drinks a day can fight off illness


Ladies in their 50’s who regularly have a little wine with their dinner are more likely to be free of the ills of old age, from cancer to heart disease, than those who are teetotal or drink to excess

Losing a loved one – when it’s your pet


When a person you love dies, it’s natural to feel sorrow, express grief, and expect friends and family to provide understanding and comfort.

Party-time passion


Have you ever had a one night stand at a house party? Apparently one in three of us have!

Pension or panic?


It’s never too late ladies to start planning for your retirement…