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Selling your home


Selling your home is one of the most stressful things you will do. Opening your private space to opinionated strangers is not an easy task, no matter how good your interior skills.

Should you replace or refurbish your kitchen?


Any house renovations take time, money and a whole lot of energy so consider your options carefully.

Men still unable to operate washing machines and irons, seriously?


Remarkabley, a recent study has shown that a fifth of all British men still have absolutely no idea how to use the washing machine!

Storage Solutions


A place for everything and everything in its place; how hard can it be?

Create the perfect window dressing


Windows are the gateway to our homes so when we come to dress them we should give the process some serious thought and consideration.

Make an entrance


We welcome our family and friends into our homes through the hallway. As it is the first internal part of our home that they see, it’s important that it gives the right impression…

Creating a feature wall


If you are looking to generate the ‘wow’ factor in your room but time and money constraints won’t allow for a full make-over, then why don’t you just add a feature wall?

Don’t forget the lights!


If you are considering updating your decor this year, remember to give some thought to your choice and style of lighting…

Accommodating extra guests…


How are you going to fit another family of five into your already overcrowded house this festive season? Something a lot of us face every year. The main thing is not to panic. Will a little imagination and some organisation it can be done…

Cheap and Cheerful Christmas Tips…


If you’re a little short of cash this year, don’t panic! Here are some ideas from Tidy Interiors that will help to keep the festive spirit alive…