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What’s in your wardrobe?


How to de-clutter your wardrobe and make it winter ready

Energy Saving Resolutions: the tips that will save you hundreds in 2012


And it’s all much easier than you think…

Are you a domestic goddess?


Traditional household skills – like making pastry and sewing buttons are dying out – because modern mums are too busy to learn them.

Do you secretly love cleaning?


Researchers have found that many women find giving the house a once over a ‘relaxing’, ‘satisfying’ or ‘therapeutic’ experience. Seriously?

Time to de-clutter?


We all have clutter of some sort in our homes – some people just have more than others. Keeping your home clutter free is no easy task but it can be done and it can be maintained.

Men duck DIY duties


Working long hours is one of the excuses men give when asked about DIY duties around the home. Fair point ladies, or just an excuse?

Should you replace or refurbish your kitchen?


Any house renovations take time, money and a whole lot of energy so consider your options carefully.

Accommodating extra guests…


How are you going to fit another family of five into your already overcrowded house this festive season? Something a lot of us face every year. The main thing is not to panic. Will a little imagination and some organisation it can be done…