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Save money on food bills


With the average family throwing away approximately £50 worth of food per month, it is vital that we all get to grips with our food bills. Here’s how…

Dreaming up the Meaning of Life


Ever woke up from a really vivid dream and wondered what it meant? Margot Bloom gives Real Women Today some insight into their meaning…

The path to healthy skin begins with the path to a healthy you


Focus on the following lifestyle choices will prevent many worries about appearance.

The blind truth about smoking – why giving up smoking could actually save your sight!


On national No Smoking Day, you may have felt that you’ve heard it all as far as compelling reasons to quitting go. How about if I told you that smoking could quite literally cost you your eyesight?

Ten office snacks that won’t break the diet


We’re all guilty of it. We plan our healthy eating regime down to the last detail. We organise a breakfast that will leave us full till midday, a lunch that will give us the energy to get though the afternoon and a well balanced dinner to round off the day.

Grab your man’s health by the balls


Orchid encourages women to take responsibility for checking their man’s testicles for lumps and signs of cancer.

Withdrawal symptoms after using quit smoking products


Making the decision to quit smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. But sticking to the decision is a lot more difficult than making it. Be mentally prepared that quitting is tough but not impossible…

Best natural cures for migraines


A migraine headache can be some of the worst pain you will experience and not all migraine treatments are created equal. Here’s some advice for any sufferer on the most common natural migraine treatments…

Putting on weight knocks women’s confidence the most


There is nothing more deflating than putting on your favourite jeans only to find you can’t do them up! How does putting on a few extra pounds effect your self esteem?

Gain more in 2012 by wanting less!


If you want to reach your goals in 2012, the secret is not to wish you had them, but to trick your mind into thinking you already do, according to expert Dr Lisa Turner.