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Putting on weight knocks women’s confidence the most


There is nothing more deflating than putting on your favourite jeans only to find you can’t do them up! How does putting on a few extra pounds effect your self esteem?

Fabulous, fit, fantastic and forty!


I think it leaves women in their forties a wide open stake to claim. So, how will you claim your stake?

10 simple steps to a healthier lifestyle


Living a healthier lifestyle is not just about counting calories, so forget the fad diets. Simply improve your current lifestyle by following these ten easy tips from health expert Dean Schaffer…

Quick Lower Body Blast


No time to exercise? Real Women Today got some simple exercise tips that you can do at the office or at home – guaranteed to help improve those legs, bums and tums…

Simple exercises for women on-the-go


Read our simple exercise tips that can be done whilst on the go – whether you are a career women, or a stay at home mum…