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Relaxing retreats for UK short stays


From lakes and mountains to sweeping valleys and ancient forests, the UK has many forgotten pockets of beautiful countryside where you can lose yourself in a range of invigorating activities, glorious food and heritage…

Live the high life for less


There are certain activities that we love to enjoy on our holidays but which can end up costing a lot…

How to have a sustainable holiday in 10 simple steps


G Adventures, a leader in adventure travel, has put together 10 tips to ensure you help protect the communities and places you visit while on holiday.

Getting to the airport with kids – what’s the faff factor?


Taking a holiday with kids in tow can mean lots of preparation, so it’s worth thinking about how you’ll be getting to and from the airport asap. Each different form of travel has its own ‘faff factor’ – the time wasting and awkward elements we all try to avoid on holiday!

Are you guilty of over-packing?


Hands up, yes I am, caught bang to rights and still don’t understand how I keep getting it wrong!

Money saving tips for planning your holiday


At a time when every penny counts, Real Women Today provide five top tips to help you save money on your holiday.