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Nine ways to help her achieve orgasm


An estimated 50% of women rarely or never achieve orgasm. If your partner is one of these Dr Lisa Turner provides some insight with some simple and easy ways to unlock the mystery of the female orgasm.

True love after 22 kisses? Really?


Women kiss 22 people, have 4 long term relationships and get their heart broken five times before they meet the ONE, a recent survey has revealed. Is that true in your case? Real Women Today ask about how you fell in love.

How to know if he’s your soulmate


Ever wondered if your partner or the guy you’re dating is your soulmate? Hollywood Psychic, Victoria Bullis tells 7 ways in which you can identify whether he is just a quick fling or a lifelong partner.

Dating sites – do they really work?


Real Women Today ask the question – do dating sites really work?
Go on – admit it – we’ve all tried dating sites at some point in our lives. I’ve tried most of them throughout my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – have they been successful?
What do you think?