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It’s still cool to be a Cougar


Two thirds of women would happily date someone ten years younger than them – so the Cougar is here to stay!

Research and plan your relationship


Finding the right mate or partner can be challenging. Research, planning, and performance are a good path to finding the correct relationship. No one said it was easy, but the reward is great.

Too afraid to fall in love


Is not allowing yourself to really love the cause of you not being in an optimal relationship? Real love is given freely and unconditionally.

How to woo a man – six powerful tips


Learn how to woo a man and enter their secretive mind. Learn things that men desperately want you to know but can never tell you.

Owning a dog can make you more attractive!


Having a dog could increase your chances of finding a love match, according to research conducted by Dogs Trust.

Top Tips for a Magical Valentine’s Day


Is there a special someone in your life? Whether you think of Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to be romantic, or as a way for gift retailers to make money, the need to acknowledge this loving occasion could not be more apparent.

Does your guy have a jealous nature? Signs his jealousy is dangerous


Jealousy is bad news. If you’re wondering if your boyfriend’s jealousy could turn dangerous read this article on what major signs to look for.

The essential attractive qualities in a man


An interesting insight into what traits a women supposedly finds appealing about a man. Real Women Today would be interested to hear what you think…

Having sex or making love– is there a difference?


Having experienced both, I was say a resounding YES! Although some would argue they are exactly the same thing. But is it really that easy to differentiate? Here at Real Women Today, we want to know what you think. So come on ladies, time to share your thoughts…

So, you thought you have finally found the ONE…


It was all going great, you thought this was it – you had finally found the ‘one’. But what happens when all of a sudden things start to go horribly wrong…