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Chemical Skin Peels: does this type of exfoliant really make you look younger?


Would you consider a chemical skin peel to help delay the signs of old age? If so, what are the options and what results can you expect?

Are single ladies worth waiting for?


Did you know that single ladies take longer getting ready than married ones do?

What causes dark under eye circles?


Dark circles under eyes can be caused by various factors. Find out the real cause of dark eye bags and how to effectively eliminate them.

Homemade products: The best way to lighten up your skin naturally


The very feeling of becoming old can give you goose bumps but following a few natural tips could help you maintain glowing, toned and satin soft skin after you have grown old and have grey hair. These tips will surely lighten up your skin tone and reduce tanning.

Choose the right fake tan products


Summer is over. Time to dig out the fake tan to see us through the Autumn months. Read this beauty advice from Feel Good Essentials on how to choose the right fake tanning product for you…

Cool tricks on de-puffing your eye bags


After crying a river of tears, having too much booze the night before, or spending little time for sleep, you may find yourself with red puffy eyes. Here are some tricks on how you can de-puff your eye bags in a jiffy:

Stop changing your recipe without telling us


How many of you get annoyed when manufacturers of beauty products change the ingredients and don’t bother to tell anyone?

Do anti-ageing creams really work?


Are you tempted by the promise of smoother, firmer looking skin? Do you rush out to purchase the latest product that guarantees to improve the appearance of your wrinkles instantly? If you do, we want to know why…

Hairy What?


For all those younger ladies out there take this advice from a real woman –
Prepare for your older years wisely…
If you don’t – you could be in for a big surprise…

Adult Acne?


DON’T let those skin imperfections get you down.

Read our tips on how to get your skin glowing again!