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What causes dark under eye circles?


Dark circles under eyes can be caused by various factors. Find out the real cause of dark eye bags and how to effectively eliminate them.

Beauty secrets revealed


Recent research into beauty regimes, habits and rituals has found that four out of ten women still use items found in the cupboards at home to look good.

How to choose the perfect makeup brushes


Having the right makeup brushes on hand is essential for flawless application. This article discusses how to choose and care for quality makeup brushes.

The power of red lipstick


The colour red is juicy, exciting, stimulating, mysterious, and best of all timeless and always in season. It’s everywhere and is powerful and impactful, especially on lips!

Homemade products: The best way to lighten up your skin naturally


The very feeling of becoming old can give you goose bumps but following a few natural tips could help you maintain glowing, toned and satin soft skin after you have grown old and have grey hair. These tips will surely lighten up your skin tone and reduce tanning.

Anti-aging make-up tips


As we age our skin changes. The make-up we used in our late twenties might not suit our skin in our forties. So what do we need to do?

Choose the right fake tan products


Summer is over. Time to dig out the fake tan to see us through the Autumn months. Read this beauty advice from Feel Good Essentials on how to choose the right fake tanning product for you…

Top make-up tips for winter


Professional makeup artists, Karen Loraine and Paula Rixon, offer their top tips for the festive season’s looks…

At what age do you start to feel invisible?


Apparently, women feel past it at the age of 46!

Maintain that mane


Summers see the temperature go up, and your hair starts facing problems, simply because the humidity in the environment increases, which affects the hair, making it dull, lifeless, and giving it a shabby look…