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Seacret Age Defying REVIVE Eye Serum


REVIVE Eye Serum claims to decrease the appearance of dry or damaged skin with the perfect balance of hydration and nutrition. The packaging is very informative, talking about the benefits of its unique formula combining Dead Sea Minerals, Peptides and Beta-Carotene.  The bottle is very sexy.  But is it worth £100? Sadly, not in our opinion. [...]

Fancy a ‘designer vagina’?


It would seem that many women do as a growing number of young women are seeking vaginal rejuvenation according to experts and doctors are reporting that children as young as 11 are seeking surgery!

Chemical Skin Peels: does this type of exfoliant really make you look younger?


Would you consider a chemical skin peel to help delay the signs of old age? If so, what are the options and what results can you expect?

Dark tired eyes?


Try these quick, inexpensive tips…

What causes dark under eye circles?


Dark circles under eyes can be caused by various factors. Find out the real cause of dark eye bags and how to effectively eliminate them.

Anti-aging make-up tips


As we age our skin changes. The make-up we used in our late twenties might not suit our skin in our forties. So what do we need to do?

At what age do you start to feel invisible?


Apparently, women feel past it at the age of 46!

Cool tricks on de-puffing your eye bags


After crying a river of tears, having too much booze the night before, or spending little time for sleep, you may find yourself with red puffy eyes. Here are some tricks on how you can de-puff your eye bags in a jiffy:

Do anti-ageing creams really work?


Are you tempted by the promise of smoother, firmer looking skin? Do you rush out to purchase the latest product that guarantees to improve the appearance of your wrinkles instantly? If you do, we want to know why…

Cosmetic Surgery


The cosmetic industry is now worth a massive £2.3bn a year, a figure the current recession doesn’t appear to be having an effect on