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Can the birth of a child affect certain friendships?

When you only have to be responsible for yourself, making decisions and living life is fairly easy.  However, this changes when you suddenly have the responsibility of a young life – things like going out, meeting the girls for lunch, or even nipping to the shop takes thought and careful planning.

Were you one of the lucky ones to have fully supportive and understanding friends or did your friendships start to drift apart?

When I gave birth to my son (many years ago), my friends where a huge support and have remained so ever since, even though it was several years before another child was added to our small circle of friends.  So I consider myself very lucky.

But what about you – did your friendships survive?  


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  1. Maggie says:

    Children of good friends should always be an extention of your friendship, someone else to love whether they are official family or not. A new child might change the dynamics for a while, but I defy anyone to resist the chance of a cuddle!

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