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BRITAX launches their safest ever car seat

Great news for any mums out there with young children as Britax, the keen leader in car seat safety, has launched their latest, safest and most beautifully engineered Group 1 car seat, the Britax TRIFIX.

In a league of its own, the new sleekly designed TRIFIX seat is universally approved for use in any car with ISOFIX and Top Tether anchorage points.  TRIFIX is the first seat to feature a revolutionary ISOFIX + installation system providing complete and unrivalled protection for your little one.

TRIFIX dramatically reduces forward and rotational movement by combining three unique Britax technologies;

  • The patented and proven pivot link ISOFIX system reduces the seats forward rotation
  • V-Tether controls and absorbs frontal forces by adding a third anchorage point
  • New, wider, ISOFIX fixings further improve side impact protection

The original ISOFIX (which connects child car seats rigidly to the vehicle chassis) now an international standard for child seats in vehicles, was born by Britax in co-operation with VW in 1997 to combat the problems of poorly fitted car seats and improve child safety.

But hands up how many mums dads, carers and grandparents actually know how to fit a child seat correctly?

Well research shows that only 30% of car seats installed using an adult seat belt are installed correctly, compared to 96% when using the ISOFIX system* – which obviously has serious implications in the event of a crash.

Thankfully, now, with the advent of ISOFIX + technologies used in the TRIFIX seat, parents can have the ultimate peace of mind knowing their child could not be any safer.

How? Why the seat has deep, softly padded side wings, which are incorporated with uniquely, designed SI-PADS, which are made of energy absorbing material protecting precious cargo from any side impact collisions by moving them away from the accident.  The performance chest pads and the five-point safety harness absorb forces felt by the child and further reduce forward movement by the child.

As well as being Britax’s safest child car seat for this age category, TRIFIX is simple to use.  The ISOFIX system anchors the seat directly to the car’s ISOFIX connection points, while the V-Tether clicks into the third anchorage point in the rear of the car.  Special indicators show parents that the ISOFIX catch arm hooks are properly engaged and that the V-Tether is pulled tight.

In addition to this, there are some more practical, parent friendly enhancements; the seat cover is quick and easy to remove and wash, the buckle stays in the forward position so it is easy to sit your child in the seat, there are multiple recline positions for when your little one is sleeping and the ISOFIX arms retract neatly for easy storage.

The TRIFIX seat is suitable from 9 months to 4 years (or 9-18kgs), retails at £319.99 and is available in a number of vibrant fabrics.

Mark Bennett, Britax’s Car Seat Safety expert remarks, ‘We are incredibly proud to be launching our safest Group 1 car seat.  The advanced safety technologies form part of what Britax call 360 degrees protection – our commitment to keeping children safe from every possible angle of impact.  We will continue to strive to develop and enhance all our seats to ensure peace of mind for all parents who choose Britax and optimal safety for their children.’

How reassuring is that to all parents and to all new parents.

Jackie Violet
Motoring Correspondent 



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