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Boobs in Business?


In my younger, thinner days, I had real jobs that necessitated suit wearing. Whilst I think too short a skirt is inappropriate, just above the knee worked for me. As a young woman who gained early promotions, I seriously thought my amazing talent was enough to impress even the most misogynist man.  I was wrong.

One promotion put me in charge of a team of 10 men and two women and meant monthly meetings with around 8 to 10 execs, mostly men. I am a fairly confident woman who rather likes a clever man to spar with.  I am witty, intelligent and hard to get the better of verbally.  Suddenly, none of that mattered.

As I entered the conference room for my first meeting, I stopped the assembled men dead.  Had I been entering a nightclub, this would have rather pleased me. As it was, some of them should have twirled their moustaches in an old black and white silent film villain manner.  I was almost knocked over in the rush to get my coffee.

Every comment I made was greeted with either a kindly, father like smile from the older men, or a leering grin from the younger ones.  Either way, nobody listened.  At one point when I argued a change I didn’t agree with, I swear one winked at me.  As I left, several looked me up and down and I went back to my office feeling a bit ridiculous.

I approached a woman who has also been there.  She was older than me and to be honest, not pretty and rather old fashioned.  I realised she hadn’t spoken at all during the meeting.  She said she never spoke, they behaved as if she was invisible, so she had given up.  I decided this was war.

One of the men at the meeting happened to come into my office as I was standing on a chair, trying to fix a blind on tip toe.  Only when I saw his face did I work out I was exposing my stocking tops and suspenders.  I realised his “disadvantaged” state when a slight bulge appeared in his pants.

I asked him to sit, made my case for the decision I hadn’t liked in the meeting and smiled.  When I thought for a moment he wasn’t going to agree, I climbed back on my chair to adjust the blind and he agreed!  I thought this was hilarious, especially as I shouted “come again soon” as he left.

So, battle lines drawn, I created my mission.  I have good boobs and I’ve seen their effect many times, so why not at work?  The next meeting I was well prepared for.  My best cleavage enhancing bra was dusted off and my blouse had an extra button open.  When I entered the room this time, I paused to remove my jacket, yes it is a little warm isn’t it?

The game I was playing gave me confidence to conduct my experiment. I made sure I leaned over the desk a little too much when making a point, trailed my finger from neck to cleavage (yes I read that book too), twisted my hair and at one point pushed my chair back to cross my legs and almost expose the stockings (I figured actual exposure might result in heart attacks or possibly something worse, and dry cleaning is expensive).

I was helped enormously by a fashion trend for short, cut off t-shirts.  I bought several smart ones for the summer and used them sparingly but effectively.  If I had to stretch my arms upwards, which I had to do occasionally, the bottom of my fancy bra (just happened to be fancy you understand) and the hint of the bottom curve of a breast were exposed.  I did once stretch a little too far when bored and caused the man opposite to leave for the bathroom.
I’d like to tell you that I was appalled that I had to resort to sex to influence being listened to, but I’m not.  I’d like to say that as an older woman now, I don’t need to do it, but I do.  At the end of the day, my good business sense and strong managerial skills made me successful.  Sex just made men notice!

My advice?  However strong your personality and however skilled you are, men are just men.  If they won’t listen, get your tits out, but have a good business case ready too!

By Debbie Connolly
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