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Better Dog Behaviour

Better Dog Behaviour - Debbie Connolly Real Women Today
by Debbie Connolly

Debbie at her forthright best!

When Debbie told me that she was sending me a copy of her new book my heart sank.  As much as I admire Debbie as an animal behaviour consultant, a writer, and as a friend, I dreaded the thought of having to wade through yet another book teaching dog owners the basic steps of dog training.  

It was lunchtime when I heard a thump on my front door mat.  Debbie’s book had arrived!  As I picked up the brown envelope I was pleasantly surprised to find the package small and light!  I decided to have a glance at the book while quaffing my tea before getting back to work.  

Within a couple of pages I was roaring with laughter.  This was definitely not going to be your average training manual!  I continued until I had read the first two chapters and then had to wrench myself away.  Luckily Debbie’s book fitted neatly into my handbag and it never left my side for the next two days.  I was reading it with relish at every opportunity I had – this has to be a first! 

As I got further into the text I found that laughter was not the only emotion to manifest.  I felt anger and extreme sadness too.

Debbie’s direct and honest approach means she really gets her point across and with her knowledge and experience she is well worth listening too.  Her advice on obtaining a dog is second to none and she clearly outlines the pitfalls that can lead the unsuspecting would-be owner to encourage puppy farming. 

Salient points and guidelines are taken from the body of the script and neatly framed in bulleted lists.  A clever idea, as once you have enjoyed reading the book, you can in easily dip in again to find useful points of reference without difficulty.

Debbie’s approach is not for the faint hearted and will appeal more to those in touch with their feminine side!  It will definitely not be in the top ten reading list of the macho man who is looking for dog as a status symbol!   But is he the right person to own a dog anyway!!??

In the entertainment business, one is always told to leave the audience wanting more, and this is exactly what this book does…..roll on Better Cat Behaviour!

By Andi Godfrey

BETTER DOG BEHAVIOUR can be bought through this link:


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