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Battle of the Sexes!

A battle of the sexes has recently broken out at BMW Financial Services, with two of the senior figures debating who fares better on the forecourt when buying a new car, or car finance package in this no holds barred blog post below.

BMW of all manufacturers! Would you believe it? However there are some seriously good points raised by either side:

First up is Sophie Grimshaw, BMW Financial Services and she says Yes. Hurrah!

She says: “Without wanting to sound like a raving feminist the answer is of course yes! Women are not only as capable of making major financial decisions as men but a lot of the research out there shows that they are generally better at it.

The stereotypical portrayal of a woman walking into a dealership is that she won’t be taken seriously, but today 70% of car buyers are women and car dealers know this! Women are more than able, and not afraid, of negotiating a tough deal; and they are often more cautious and better prepared as they have taken the time to do their research.

BMW Financial Services recently conducted an independent survey with British car owners and the results showed that women take almost two months to consider and research the purchase, opposed to men who take two weeks. The same is true of financing, and women can spend up to two days finding the right deals, compared to just two hours for men.

When it comes down to it shopping is shopping and if women are confident when it comes to finding the best fashion deals then why shouldn’t those skills and that passion for a bargain not translate into the car buying market?

For all the girls out there that don’t know the difference between personal contract purchase and hire purchase, with a little research, even those less clued up about cars can know what to look for and how to negotiate the best deal.

The vast amount of information available on-line for potential car buyers is enough to equip even the least confident of consumers and women no longer need to walk into a showroom with a man by their side”.

Good points raised Sophie so lets hear what Joe Pattinson, BMW Financial Services Joe has to say:


“While you are bound to come across female car fanatics, overall men are perceived to be far better equipped to handle the car buying process – the where to go, what to buy and how to go about buying it.

In a recent survey from BMW Financial Services over a third of British women said that they would dismiss a certain make or model of car if it did not reflect the right image. As important as the style, colour and feel of a car is, there are many other significant factors, which play a role in buying the right car. You lose your negotiating power the moment you become excited or emotionally attached to a vehicle.

I’m the first to admit that gender roles are increasingly blurred but, there is nothing wrong with admitting where your weaknesses are, both men and women alike – and there’s no harm in turning to the man in your life for advice”.

Well well. Interestingly, studies show that women tend to agree with this sentiment and many feel uncomfortable buying a car themselves. Nothing to do with the slick back hair, smarmy face and that total look of distrust some of these salesmen elude?

There are many reports from women saying they are treated differently by car sales people and often feel taken advantage of when they enter a dealership alone.  Yes for they have this uncanny ability to make us feel 1mm tall.

Unfortunately, while we have come a long way there is still a perceived gender bias on the garage forecourt.  So really it cannot hurt to get advice or second opinion from someone who is experienced and there is no shame in bringing a man along if that makes you feel more confident, or indeed believe he can secure the best deal for you.

Just swallow your pride here ladies for we will never see eye to eye with the bulk of car salespersons and if it means you get the car of your dreams with a heavy discount and fluffy pink dice chucked into the deal as you have brought your man along, so be it. For you will not be able to take the smirk off your face each and every time you cruise out in your oh so cool new car.

Jackie Violet
Motoring correspondent 


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