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Banrock Station, light!

Banrock light wine

Umm I thought, not my normal wine tipple – I am a big wine fan – red being my particular favourite, but in the summer white & rose are also delightful!  And I have enjoyed many a glass of Banrock Station and I have also tried my fair share of so called ‘light’ wines – in an attempt to control my alcohol consumption and also so as not to feel too cheated when on whatever fad diet I am currently immersed in.

In my experience Light wines are a contradiction in terms – it is not the fact that they have less alcohol content which makes them less appealing, more that the taste has always been (to be blunt) awful and not an experience I wanted to repeat, whatever their advantage.

BUT, Banrock Station Light is a revelation! – I loved the fruity flavours of both the white & rose – if you haven’t enjoyed a glass or bottle, do!  It has the added advantage of only being 5.5% vol, so a glass can be enjoyed whenever or wherever you are, and from within whatever diet is currently in vogue. Not without sin, but finally a light wine which is a pleasure.

Fantastic alongside a summer salad, or as a delicious accompaniment to a tasty meal of grilled chicken or fish, Banrock Light is the perfect addition to summer days spent with friends.

Available in Tesco’s nationwide from 17th August 2011 for RRP £5.49

A big recommendation from us all at Real Women Today, so do give them a try – you won’t be disappointed.


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