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Are you a secret bra hoarder?

British women are hoarding 156 MILLION bras they don’t wear.

Researchers have found the average female has a collection of nine bras, but more than half of these are sat gathering dust in drawers. And we all know that we are guilty as charged!!!

Additionally nearly half of women own bras they have NEVER worn – a bit like some of our other clothes.

The biggest reason for discarded underwear was because women find their bras uncomfortable with a third keeping them despite being the wrong size. Other reasons for us ladies holding onto our bras were that they were unflattering, unfashionable or made our breasts look funny under certain clothes!

But it’s not surprising there are so many unworn bras as the findings showed that one in ten women didn’t know what size bra they should be wearing and one third had never been properly measured.

Over a quarter said they were currently wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly, while 74 per cent of women don’t try on bras before buying them, because they are too embarrassed to get their breasts measured properly.

Amanda Brasher, Head Sports Bra Buyer for Sweatshop, which carried out the research to mark the launch of their specialist sports bra fitting service, said: ‘’Too many women are wasting money on bras that don’t fit, or fail to offer the right support.  It is vital to get measured, especially if you are active or play sport, as an ill-fitting bra can potentially cause long term breast damage.

‘’Women depend on their bras as something they will wear pretty much every day of their lives, so it’s important to invest in them wisely”.

The poll also found most women rotate the same three bras with more than half admitting that they owned a range of different sizes because they never buy the correct one.

So let’s be honest here – how many of us have got a drawer full of bras and underwear that never see the light of day?  All the Real Women Today office ladies have held their hands up to this one…will you?


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