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Are you a MAUD?

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Has the current economy turned you into a MAUD?  A Mum Actively Using Discounts.

Are you ‘making do and mending’ just like they had to in wartime Britain?

Apparently, one in three mums is now repairing products rather than dumping them and buying new, in what appears to be a desire by families to return to a more sustainable way of life. Not surprisingly, there has been a marked rise in ‘thrift’ since the credit crunch began.

Market research company OnePoll, which surveyed 2,500 mothers from its ‘MumPoll’ panel, also found families were throwing away less foodstuffs, and choosing own brands over named ones.

The British were famous for their ‘make do and mend’ philosophy during the war and housewives had to become experts at saving money and stretching their meagre rations and resources. Today, families are beginning to understand that mentality. There is a new trend among shoppers to prolong products’ shelf lives by implementing a modern-day equivalent of the Blitz spirit.

The number of MAUDS using money-off vouchers from magazines, websites and newspapers has also risen dramatically since the recession began. People are finding new ways to save money and regularly look for the cheapest versions of whatever they buy.

How are you saving money and getting through these difficult times?  I’m certainly keeping tabs on my Boots points and my Tesco’s vouchers and I’m definitely guilty of being an ‘offer’, trial price, buy one get one free prostitute!  I have no brand loyalty to anything really but could really do with some more money saving tips so please…..hand them over.

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