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Are you a domestic goddess?

Traditional household skills – like making pastry and sewing buttons are dying out – because modern mums are too busy to learn them.

Knitting, baking cakes, making jam and altering clothes have made the list of tasks that many mums just don’t know how to do. Most modern mums wished they had the skills their own mothers had but said they didn’t have the time or patience to learn them.

Research has shown that many mums find it difficult to do some of the daily tasks their own mums may have done but many do want to learn how to do these things and feel passionate about ensuring skills such as baking and sewing don’t die out.

Mums from previous generations learnt how to do these everyday tasks from their mums and their mums before them. Despite not necessarily having the know-how, many mums today are taking a real interest in learning traditional skills to help with their daily life or to enjoy as a hobby.

Nine out of ten younger mums don’t know how to starch a shirt, while more than half struggle to sew name tags in their children’s clothes. Less than one third can make pastry from scratch, less than half can sew, and less than one quarter can knit. Three quarters can’t make gravy from scratch, while nearly half can’t rustle up a Victoria sponge!  Isn’t that what Aunt Bessie is for?

We all like to rely on our mum for help and advice, which is why it’s such a shame that younger mums today find themselves too busy to enjoy time spent baking with their children and other traditional tasks.

But it is really encouraging that so many mums want to do something about this. Maybe there’s an opportunity to start a younger version of the WI?  Now there’s an idea.

Where did you learn to cook and sew – was it at school or was it watching your own Mum and Grandma in the kitchen?


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