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Are single ladies worth waiting for?

Did you know that single ladies take longer getting ready than married ones do?

Researchers have found that in the hope of meeting the man of her dreams, an unmarried woman spends 11 minutes longer pimping and preening herself before heading to the office compared to a married woman.

A ‘you never know’ attitude sees them spending longer planning what to wear, staring at themselves in the mirror perfecting their look and will wear high heels to get noticed in the office.

They are less likely to be seen without make up on, or sporting greasy hair or with unpainted toe nails and are less likely to leave the house with mismatched underwear, overgrown toenails, bad roots or tan lines – because of the fear they would be spotted looking less than perfect by a prospective boyfriend or husband.

It would appear that single women act on the desire to look great from top to toe and prioritise their time accordingly. They are more likely to be committed to a daily face care routine and take regular care of their feet and toenails. Single women also spend longer and place more emphasis on exfoliating, shaving and plucking with single women less likely to leave the house with unruly eyebrows, hairy legs or stray hairs above their top lip than married women.

Unattached ladies also spend more time getting ready before a night out with the average single lady taking 24 minutes to decide what to wear and 42 minutes to do her hair and make-up. Married women spend just 16 minutes planning their outfit and 24 minutes on their hair and make-up.

Married women have said they wouldn’t care if they were spotted with chipped nail polish and were more likely to say that their looks weren’t as important and that they didn’t pay much attention to their appearance.

So ladies, is this true for you?  Do our single visitors spend more time looking after themselves than our married ones?  Our Real Women Today office team didn’t agree, what do you think?


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