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Anti-aging make-up tips

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Make-up really is an art form that can be used to reverse the signs of aging. A perfectly made up canvas can hide a multitude of sins, helping to even out skin tone and create a smooth polished finish. There is nothing more aging than a full coverage matte finish that settles into creases, accentuating fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Your foundation needs to look as natural as possible, in order for your natural glow to shine through.

Skin prep: Your preparation needs to take as long as your application to boost moisture content and prevent dryness. If you have time use a moisture quenching mask 15 minutes before you apply your base, this will help to rehydrate the skin which is important as we get age as skin starts to lose its natural moisture.

Primer: This is a must have for mature skin types the main ingredient is silicone that works to fill in fine lines and smooth the surface of the skin. It will also help your foundation to glide on effortlessly, leaving your skin looking like silk.

Foundation: Fortunately today there are numerous formulations to choose from. Most mature skin types are dry, so you want to avoid using matte oil free formulas unless your skin is excessively oily, as these bases can have a tendency to look chalky on the skin. The best foundation base is going to be a hydrating liquid formula, which will not only make your skin look refreshed and moisturized, but will also help to plump out any fine lines. Many foundations today also contain light reflecting particles that will prevent your skin looking to flat.

Concealer: It is really important that you choose the right concealer for your particular skin type. Otherwise it will look too bright, making you look like you have been wearing skiing goggles. Look for one that is creamy in texture, that has light reflecting particles and that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Apply concealer after your foundation and then blend it in with a brush, that way you use less and you can see what imperfections require coverage.

Blusher: Many women make the mistake of using blusher to make their face look more sculptured, this should be left to your contouring and highlighting techniques. Stay away from bold colours and opt for soft corals, pinks and rose that make the skin look instantly fresher and younger.

Powder: Once you have applied your base use your powder to help set your makeup so that it will last the day. Translucent powders are feathery, light and leave a light luminous shine on the skin. Buy a powder that has light reflecting or diffusing particles that will help to obscure any fine lines and imperfections.

By Samantha Jayne Miller

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