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And THE colour this Autumn is….

red coat

Have you ever been drawn to a particular item of clothing or a handbag or pair of shoes and thought ‘I just MUST have that’? Well it could be because that particular colour or style is appealing to your inner self, who is the best fashion critique you can have, says expert Victoria Bullis.

“Our fashion choices and individual ‘styles’ get a lot of their influence from your inner self, often it is totally subconscious. No one can really explain why they are drawn to the preppy look, or the sexy sultry look or the goth style, but ultimately, these people feel most comfortable and ‘at peace’ when they are in that chosen style,” explains Victoria.

Victoria believes that often, people prevent themselves from wearing the things they really want to because of external pressure from friends or the fashion industry. By repressing their fashion choices, they also repress some of their inner being, which in turn can result in feelings of moodiness, sadness, frustration and even depression.

“As I always say, everything affects everything else. If you don’t feel truly comfortable in what you are wearing, then you won’t feel totally comfortable in other areas of your life too. My advice is to not be afraid of standing out, just be you. Let yourself go and just see what you are drawn to on your next shopping outing, it will say a lot about the person your inner self wants you to be and ultimately, your mood and personality will be better aligned because of it,” says Victoria.

Some colours are known to resonate similar feelings on a spiritual level. But how can different Autumnal colours affect us? Victoria explains some of the most popular fashion choices here:

Deep Red
Deep reds have a warming, energizing effect on one’s moods, especially the reds that are a bit more on the rust side, or burgundy; bluer reds are not as warm.  Purple is a high spiritual colour and tends to makes us feel more balanced. Teal, while a cooler colour is bright and perfect for Autumn.  An inexpensive or vintage pin can perk up a wardrobe and they are becoming fashionable again. Bracelets, ditto.  Bright golds enhance a feeling of wellbeing.

Although grey is popular in Autumn, wearing it on a daily basis will psychologically lower one’s levels for enthusiasm or excitement in life. People even use the term, ‘I’m feeling a bit grey today.’  When the weather is perpetually grey and dark, wearing grey can definitely promote a feeling of misery.

After dark, wearing a lot of grey can promote a feeling of listlessness, apathy and even depression at times; this is also true for most shades of blue.

Black & Grey Combined
Black and grey have become a sort of uniform for many, and also a way to save money; most everything grey and black can be mixed with each other. Unconsciously wearing just these colours is a way of blending or fitting in, to be part of a herd mentality, almost.

Yellow is a very happy, feel good colour which instantly lifts your mood. This can be anything small like a hairpin right through to your underwear so be sure to add a splash of yellow of any hue to your outfit to keep your spirits high.


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