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Welcome to – a site designed to provide women like you around the world with information to support you, inform you and make you smile. is about real women coming together to share everyday experiences, good and bad.  A place that guarantees friendship, support and advice with lots of fun and laughter along the way.  Your own personal sanctuary, a place you can visit for some light fun & relief; a place that will make you smile after a long hard day, a place that reminds you no matter what you are facing in life, you are never alone.

The team:

Real Women - Sue, Laura, Naid

Sue Hessom - Director
Naidre Werner - Director
Laura Lopez - Director

Tammy Lister
- Web Developer

And here’s some background on who we are -

I only have two mottos in life – ‘Life is not a dress rehersal’ and ‘If it can’t kill you, don’t be worried about it’ – two mottos that I try to remember every day.

I’ve had a great family upbringing, got bullied at school, did OK in my exams (although I was more interested in boys, smoking and playing pool than I should have been!) and started my working life at a bank.

Life changed in my twenties when I watched my mother dying of cancer – an experience that touches most of our lives at some point. I lost my best friend and my confidante and it affected everything that I did thereafter, hence my two mottos.

Since then, I’ve fostered children, rescued dogs, fallen in and out of bad relationships, had an extremely successful media career, visited some fantastic places in the world and started my own marketing business – all with the support of my remaining family and my very, very special friends.

Life does throw you the occasional curve ball, I hope that helps to see you through some of those darker days and shines more light on the brighter ones – Enjoy.

Why  I don’t want to bore you with my life story.  Like most people of a certain age I have experienced difficult and trying times but like the majority of women I have always managed to dig deep and find that inner strength to lift me up and carry on.

I consider myself to be very lucky – I am surrounded by family and friends that truly inspire me.  My brother and sister-in-law and my sister have all experienced life changing tragedies yet they find the strength to get up every morning and carry on with life.  I am in awe of them.  For me, it put everything into perspective – it made me realise we have to be grateful for what we have; we have to stop wasting time with self-doubt and low esteem – have the strength to be who we are and be happy with it.

My friends are real women – they encourage me and everyone around them without even knowing it.  They give their love and support unconditionally – they stay by my side during life’s ups and downs – they complete me.  Real friendship is something that every woman should experience and I have the best. If I could bag them up and sell their essence, believe me I would!

So for me, is about everyday women coming together. It’s about sharing experiences and growing together.  It’s about dealing with our issues and building our self belief, it’s about moral support and friendship, love and laughter.  It’s about honesty, self confidence and passion. It’s about you and me.

I hope you enjoy the site and I hope that being part of our community will help to eradicate any self-doubt and show you that no matter what you are facing in your life, you are never alone.

Anyway my name’s Sue and I’m a chocoholic… there I’ve said it – time to celebrate with a bag of maltesers! B-)

Hi, writing about yourself makes you think…!

Well what about me, I’m kind of average, I would say.  I don’t plan (I do remember once having a five year plan, lost in the mists of time) I don’t have any huge life plans and although I would like not to have the constant pressure of balancing finances – day to day/month to month, I don’t have any real ambitions and don’t need to be as rich as possible, or risk life and limb climbing the largest mountain or pitting myself against the elements – mad, quite simply barking!  Getting to the end of day, with work completed, deadlines met – my family all being in the right place at the right time, with the right bags and in the right clothes – is my idea of a successful day and my mountain!
Sinking on to the sofa in the evening with the day successfully navigated, is a good day.

I love my job, I love my family and I have the most fabulous friends – money just can’t buy these.  Or so I thought – just kidding!  Like us all, as the years advance with accelerated and frightening speed, my confidence grows – I become less worried about what people think about me and more concerned about real issues and matters.  I remember my Grandmother standing in front of the mirror with me and saying I am 17 inside, but when I look in the mirror this very old lady looks back, she was 82 at the time.  I am now beginning to realise just what she meant.  Liver spots are all over my hands (yuck), when someone told me the other day they were 38, ooh I thought how nice – my age.  It wasn’t till several hours later, I realised that I had passed that 5 years ago, shit, just how did that happen.

I am constantly surprised by little things – the emotion I feel when my little girl says, ‘I love you Mummy’.  The surprise when my husband scraps the ice of my car & writes I love you on the windscreen – why couldn’t he have just finished the job, now I am going to be really late…!  The delight when the acorn we planted shows the first tender growth and becomes the tiny oak tree.  The joyous calm I feel, after time spent with my closest friends, coupled with aching sides from much laughter. is our version of real issues that face us all, from death (and as my father eloquently told me – it does come to us all, at some point, sometimes sooner than we expect, want or even plan) and backwards through all of life’s dreams and dramas, for want of a better description.  If like me you are fed up with ‘celebrity and all of the often rotten trappings’ then is the website/magazine for you.

I hope you enjoy – I do x

Labels are for clothes if you ask me. I love being a woman and I love being able to be so diverse in the age I live in. I’m very grateful that because of the real women that went before me I can not have worn a skirt in many years, skateboard and choose whether I wear a bra or not.

I’m still learning in many ways what it is to be a woman after having spent a good chunk of my life pretty much ignoring the fact I was a woman. The image of a woman we’re sold as girls is so wrong – it’s not about skirts and flowers. A woman can be anything they want without the stereotype. I’ve grown to accept and enjoy the fact that I’m one of the many real women in the world.

Despite everything though I feel blessed. I love my job – I’m a geek at heart and playing with code and pixels all day makes me smile almost every day still which can’t be bad. I’m blessed to be married to a man just as mad as me and we have 2 loopy labrador dogs.