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A Tiny Bit Marvellous

Tiny Bit Marvellous - Real Women Today reading advice

A Tiny Bit Marvellous
by Dawn French

I picked up this book with great interest and trepidation (I so wanted to enjoy it and not be disappointed), but with so much expectation, was this possible.  Well, I did – I slowly got hooked on the Battle family, wanting to hear more about Dad, who somehow manages to glide through the story ghost like and unvalued, apart from moments with Dora and Oscar.

At one point I found myself getting irritated with the will she, wont she inner turmoil of Mo (but that was probably the point), please just get on with it – it is only sex after all, enjoy the moment and move on (quickly in my opinion).  Please don’t bore us all with scruples for god’s sake!  However, the climax was a revelation, to be savoured and enjoyed and boy did I not see that one coming.

This more than made up for any criticism I would level, the characters develop as the story unfolds, the most loveable being Oscar (oh to hear more about his life, please please).

I really enjoyed this book – do pick up a copy, light, entertaining, engaging and much fun – with a punch at the end.  A must read for me.

Would you agree?


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  1. Boog says:

    Thanks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!

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