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800-calorie-a-day ‘drip diet’ – fancy it?

The K-E Diet is the latest extreme diet to hit the headlines in the UK.  Already hugely successful in America and Italy, this diet is not for the fainthearted – it has been designed for those who want to opt for drastic measures and at a cost of £940 is certainly doesn’t come cheap.

The process involves the dieter has a feeding tube inserted up their nose and down into their stomach where a daily mixture of protein, fat and water is pumped. After a few days your appetite disappears along with any annoying hunger pangs that often accompany extreme diets – sounds easy doesn’t it!

However as with any extreme diet, there are downsides…

  • The drip bag needs to be with you at all times (only exception being once a day when you shower), so when you leave the house you will need to carry it in a large bag or rucksack.
  • People may ask you if you are ill when you are out and about – are you ready to tell them it’s all in the name of vanity?
  • The lack of carbohydrates means fat is burned off through a process known as ketosis, so be aware, the side effects include bad breath, constipation, feelings of exhaustion and potential kidney problems.

But at the possibility of losing 20lbs in just 10 days, wouldn’t it be worth it?!

Critics are saying it is not a safe way to lose weight, but would do you think?  Would you try the 800-calorie-a-day ‘drip diet’? I know I would!



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