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In today’s economic climate, selling and renting out property has never been so competitive.  With potential buyers needing only 60 seconds to decide whether they like a property or not, creating that elusive ‘wow’ factor has never been more important.  Although some people can view a property and visualize themselves living there, some people need help to do this and this is where Tidy Interiors can help. 

Tidy Interiors is a home styling company offering a selection of design solutions for all living areas, both inside and out.  Whether you are selling or renting out property or simply wanting to update your look, we can tailor our design services to suit your needs. From single room makeovers to completely restyled homes – practical solutions are available that will match your budget, no matter how big or small.

By creating fantastic appeal we will introduce a warm, relaxing and friendly feel to your property this will give you renewed passion and pride when showing potential buyers/tenants around your home knowing you’ve done all you can to increase its appeal.

Here at Tidy Interiors we don’t mind if you just want to ask us for our advice then complete the work yourselves, or if you employ us to do it.

When should you contact Tidy Interiors?

 When you are selling or renting out property and want help to maximise its saleability or rental potential
 When you want to refresh your interior  or exterior look but don’t know  where to begin
• When you want to make the most of your home but don’t have a big budget
 If you are recently bereaved and need help to sort through personal belongings and effects
• When you want to declutter your home
 When you have lost the enthusiasm to complete that project you started months ago

Whatever your circumstances Tidy Interiors can help to transform your living areas
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