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3 Steps To Getting It All Done By Working With Your Brain Not Against It

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Women are great at multi-tasking. They can keep a small part of their brain on one thing, whilst doing another. However when they are trying to do too many things at once this can lead to overwhelm. Instead, group work tasks together by type. And the best categories are not based on project or topic but on the kind of thinking they require.

1. Schedule Tasks That Use The Same Brain Hemisphere
Broadly speaking tasks use one or the other of your brain hemispheres. The left is best suited for logical analytical tasks, whereas the right prefers creative and holistic ones.
Mixing up the kind of thinking will lead to frustration and confusion. So instead group tasks together into the hemisphere or thinking type, not project or topic. Then work in time blocks using only one hemisphere.

Right Brain Tasks
• Writing articles or marketing materials,
• Creative problem solving,
• Writing blogs or forum posts,
• Online networking
• Inspiration or anything creative

Left brain tasks
• Financial planning,
• Admin, form filling in
• Bookkeeping, taxes
• Organisation or logistics
• Uploading web copy or blogs

Notice that writing blogs uses the opposite hemisphere to posting them. So set aside time to write several blogs, and then post them at a separate time, when you are doing left brain tasks.

2. Use Time Blocking
Work in blocks on time on ONE thing and one thing only. The best time period is 90 minutes as this is corresponds to one of the natural rhythms of concentration linked to cycles of brain waves (we move in and out of alpha and beta waves every 90 minutes).

Set an oven timer for 45 minutes and get stuck into one piece of work, after 45 minutes take a 5 minute ONLY loo break, stretch your legs, get a drink, then set the timer again for another 45 minutes. When the timer goes off, STOP working, even if you haven’t finished the task you’re working on. After 90 minutes your productivity will be starting to drop off, even if you haven’t noticed it yet.
Take a 30 minute break. Yes you read that right, a whole 30 minutes, go and do some yoga, read a book, meditate or go for a walk.
Then come back and work for another 90 minutes. During your 90 minutes make sure you redirect your phone, turn off twitter and your e-mail.  You will be amazed that you can achieve more, by working less because you’re working with your body and not against it.

3. Schedule tasks
Put time blocks into your diary for completing particular tasks. For example if you have a large project that you know will take 2 weeks to complete, you know that you will NEVER get 2 weeks free. Instead block out “appointments” in your diary where you work on that task. This does require some self discipline as other things can seem more urgent, but it will pay off, and as you get more organised using the tips above you will find that those unexpected last minute panics happen less frequently.

4. Schedule tasks to suit the time of day
For most people they are better at some things than others at different times of the day. For example, some people are best at doing creative writing (left brain) first thing in the morning, but better at discussions and planning (logical or right brain) later in the day. Identify when you are better at left and right brain tasks and schedule your time appropriately.

Monitor your progress
These simple steps can greatly improve your effectiveness and ability to achieve your goals. As you and your business evolve keep monitoring yourself and your progress.

Dr Lisa Turner
Dr. Lisa Turner specialises in assisting entrepreneurs to grow their business, by successfully growing themselves. She teaches entrepreneurs to increase confidence, emotional resilience, intuition and to tap into your inner inspiration.


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