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How would you introduce sex toys into a relationship?


How should a partner approach the sex toy issue if they were looking to introduce something without scaring you off?

Are you a secret bra hoarder?


British women are hoarding 156 MILLION bras they don’t wear.



If you havent heard about this fabulous concept in snacking – then where have you been? You can get a delivery of 4 beautifully packaged snack boxes as often as you like for just £3.79, which considering the choices and the quality, is excellent value for money. When you go onto the Graze website, you [...]

Green People Gentle Tone


Green People’s anti-ageing products claim to draw on the effects of ingredients such as the Tara bush and Enteromorpha compressa (a type of algae), clinically proven to improve collagen production and firm the skin. The anti-ageing products also feature ingredients such as Rosehip oil and Cranberry oil – rich sources of antioxidants and Omega 3&6 [...]

Cleanmarine Krill Oil


Being of a certain age, the Real Women Today office staff are big fans of anything that can help us make time stand still and are ethically produced, so we were delighted to be able to test the new Cleanmarine Krill Oil. The contents of the softgel tablets claim to provide support for the heart, [...]

Can the birth of a child affect certain friendships?


Real Women Today ask if giving birth to a child has had a detrimental effect on any of your close friendships.

Do wealthy men have more affairs?


Are men who are more successful in their careers more likely to cheat on their spouse?

Ladies, shall we lighten up a bit?


Lets be honest, how many ladies do not have their headlights on whist driving on the motorways when it is raining – or, for that matter, on any other roads when it is raining? Shame on you ladies – what happened to the sound old advice – ‘see and be seen’…

Do you secretly love cleaning?


Researchers have found that many women find giving the house a once over a ‘relaxing’, ‘satisfying’ or ‘therapeutic’ experience. Seriously?

What to expect when you are four weeks pregnant


At the beginning, when you are just 4 weeks pregnant, it becomes imperative for a woman to start taking essential nutrients, folic acid, calcium and proteins. This is particularly important for the development of the baby as well as the well-being of the pregnant woman.