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Make-up tricks to help you through the festive season


All of the parties, shopping, baking, and family festivities that go along with the Christmas season can leave you feeling and looking worn-out and weary. Follow these tips to keep you looking fresh and healthy throughout.

What causes dark under eye circles?


Dark circles under eyes can be caused by various factors. Find out the real cause of dark eye bags and how to effectively eliminate them.

Is emotional abuse a form of domestic violence?


Domestic violence is something we hear about on a regular basis, but what about emotional abuse and its victims rights? Are they the same?

Drive of your life this week…


is the Chevrolet Captavia

The Stylish over 50’s


Dame Helen Mirren was recently hailed as the ultimate style icon – for women over 50. Surprised? We weren’t…

Give yourself an MOT!


No, that does not mean a luxurious couple of days in a top Spa being pampered!
What I mean is not only to check and MOT your car but also to MOT yourself as well to make sure you are personally fit and legal to take to the road!

Nifty fifties are happier than twenty-somethings – would you agree?


These days the average 50 year old is living the life of someone half their age. The typical ‘nifty fifty’ is more sociable, happy and active than someone in their mid to late 20’s and are more likely to enjoy nights out, meeting up with friends and travel further to enjoy weekends away. Experts have [...]