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Charms UK


Charms UK was set up in August 2003 after a trip to Asia.

Our products are aimed at the modern-day woman who wants that individual piece of jewellery at an affordable price.

Waisted Pounds


How guilty are you of buying clothes hoping that you’ll fit into them someday soon?

Fashion – what a joke!


I’m 22 and massively disillusioned with women’s fashion. It’s not the style. It’s not the price…

It’s the size.

Finding fun for all the family


Looking for an extended family holiday?…

Women hate the term ‘housewife’


Women hate the term ‘housewife’ and instead think that housework and household chores should be shared between family members equally, a study has revealed…

How to avoid damage to your suspension from speed bumps


Leaking shock absorbers, broken coil springs and worn steering joints are common casualties of the thousands of speed bumps throughout the UK…

Micro Sprite pink scooter


This is the best scooter ever…

Time to de-clutter?


We all have clutter of some sort in our homes – some people just have more than others. Keeping your home clutter free is no easy task but it can be done and it can be maintained.

The death of Gaddafi – are the images a step too far?


Should we be seeing graphic pictures of his death all over the media and internet?

Simple – Repair Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream with sunscreens


Once again, the packaging of this product makes the same strong claims as the eye cream…