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How much do you spend on make-up?


Some were shocked by the figure, some expected it to be higher – what will you think?

The top ten secrets for great sex!


Clearly there are no rules, only what lovers have known since Antony and Cleopatra: “Pay attention, be kind, and be loving”. But the following Top Ten List might be a useful reminder! Enjoy!



Jilly Cooper doesn’t disappoint – another novel to get totally lost in…

Job Interviews – are you prepared?


How to make the most out of every job interview – advice, tips and techniques.

Men would chose a new partner over their pet


A new survey looking at the relationships of pet owners has found that men can behave towards pets like they behave towards women, committing emotionally much more quickly than women do, but more likely to trade them in favour of a new model.

Ponds Cold Cream


  A rich facial cleanser that cleans deep down without drying the skin. It’s gentle yet effective action leaves skin soft, smooth and radiantly clean. The whole range is lanolin-free and dermatologically tested to be kind on skin. What does it do? The deep cleansing action deep-cleans pores to remove stubborn dirt and makeup, even stubborn [...]

When will the police be held accountable?


Yet another example of horrific animal cruelty has hit the headlines this week – and not for the first time it’s a police dog handler who for whatever reason or excuse, left his animals in a car in hot weather resulting in a slow, painful death.

Ships in the night?


Real Women Today wants to know is distance can help a relationship

Which nutritional supplement?


Get confused when it comes to choosing health supplements? Simon Brandy, nutritional expert from Health Plus gives us some advice on which nutritional supplements can help with common health issues…

Drive of your life this week…


is the Peugeot 3008 Exclusive