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Let’s go outside….


In the words of a famous song, are we looking forward to going outside for some al fresco living and loving this summer? The change in the weather will no doubt inspire more of us to get off our bums and get out and about. However, a new survey from the National Trust has found that [...]

Is your WiFi making you ill?


In the world we live in, there is no escaping technology. We use it at work, at home and on our days off. Could this be affecting our health? Real Women Today friend, Michael Cohen explains more…

True love after 22 kisses? Really?


Women kiss 22 people, have 4 long term relationships and get their heart broken five times before they meet the ONE, a recent survey has revealed. Is that true in your case? Real Women Today ask about how you fell in love.

Drive of your life this month is…


Skoda Yeti (don’t’ imagine those scary creatures emerging from the London underground from Doctor Who back in the seventies!)

SafePets UK


ANIMAL BEHAVIOURIST including livestock.
Working throughout Wales, Midlands and Home Counties.
Call or text Debbie now for a no obligation chat
Tel: 08712 317415
Mob: 07507 522381

Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards 4th March 2011 London


The Wetnose Burgess Animal Aid Awards proved to be a parade of some of the UK’s beloved TV faces as well as a ceremony recognising the amazing work done by animal rescue centres and the working dogs that protect the people and ports of this country.

Access to Pornography – is it too easy?


Access to pornography on the internet is far too easy – don’t just take our word for it!

Only one Father


A true story about a woman’s childhood and the influence her blind parents had on her life.

Coping calmly in a crash


My mother gave me a Christmas present with the stark words of warning, “Jacqueline” – for she always calls me that when she is being serious – “ I hope you never have to use this”…

Women make 75% of household decisions


Three quarters of all important household decisions are now made by women, a study has found.

Ladies, we have known this for years but finally it would appear that our men are now acknowledging this!